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shanghai anjie environmental protection technology co., ltd., founded in 2001, headquartered in shanghai robot industrial park, with beijing oriental anjie technology co., ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, as its operation center. anjie technology is a national high-tech enterprise, which has obtained the certification of iso9000:2015 quality management system, iso14001:2015 environmental management system and iso45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system. it manufactured the first unit of gas-phase molecular absorption spectrometer in the world, and takes the lead in putting the instrument into the application of water quality detection.

mr. zang ping'an, founder and chief scientist of anjie technology, has been devoted to water quality analysis for more than 30 years. in 1986, he began to work on gas-phase molecular absorption spectrometry and obtained two invention patents, with which he has brought up a new, fast and cost-effective analyzing method for water quality detection. this method was included in “water and wastewater monitoring and analyzing methods” (fourth edition) in 2002. mr. zang ping'an won the "special contribution award of scientific instrument research and development" in 2018.

under the guidance of the state environmental protection administration and china water conservancy association, mr. zang ping'an and anjie technology drafted 6 industrial standards of gas-phase molecular absorption spectrometry in water quality analysis for the national environmental protection area in 2005, 5 industrial standards of gas-phase molecular absorption spectrometry in water quality analysis for the water conservancy area in 2016, and a national standard of mobile laboratory general specification for rapid detection of surface water in 2019. at present, the series of methods have been widely used in water quality detection of environmental protection, water conservancy, ocean, petroleum, agriculture, chemical industry and scientific research, and have been added to 72 cases of national and local standards.

the innovation capability of anjie technology has been continuously strengthened. in recent years, it has undertaken one key project of 2018 development of major scientific instrument and equipment from the state ministry of science and technology, six projects of the transformation of high-tech achievements in shanghai, one project of scientific and technological innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises in shanghai, one scientific research project of shanghai science and technology commission, and one special development project funded by zhangjiang national innovation demonstration zone.

anjie technology has been eye-catchingly growing, and won the "national high-tech enterprise", "shanghai specialized new small and medium-sized enterprise ", "china industrial advanced innovation enterprise "issued by china industrial cooperation association, "the most growing enterprise of instrument analysis" issued by china environmental industry conference", "science and technology innovation award" issued by shanghai baoshan district and other honors.

the head of anjie technology won the honors of "national innovation and entrepreneurship talents of the ministry of science and technology", "china water master", "zhu liangyi’s youth award for analysis instrument innovation ", and was selected into "the 4th batch of national 10000 person plan - leading talents in science and technology entrepreneurship".

the products of anjie technology have gain the reputation from both the customers and the market and won the "bceia gold award" issued by china analysis and testing association, "independent innovation gold award" issued by china instrument industry association, "2nd prize of environmental technology progress award" issued by china environmental protection industry association, "science and technology award of china instrument and control society" issued by china instrument and control society ,"excellent new product award of scientific instrument industry" issued by and "antop spectrometer development award" issued by aj series gas phase molecular absorption spectrometer is awarded as "key technology for environmental protection and eco-friendly production in petroleum and chemical industry" by china petroleum and chemical industry federation and china chemical industry environmental protection association.

anjie technology has been focusing on water quality detection for 30 years, with a steady increase in product categories. for the detection of "surface water, groundwater, sea water, drinking water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater", 6 indices such as nitride and sulfide can be detected by gas phase molecular absorption spectrometer, 8indices such as total phosphorus, volatile phenol, cyanide, hexavalent chromium and anionic surfactant can be detected by flow injection analyzer, permanganate index (cod-mn)can be determined by permanganate index analyzer, and all the detections are strictly following the industrial standards and national standards.

anjie technology has speeded on a path of independent innovation of the research and development of domestic advanced scientific instruments in water quality detection. anjie technology owns completely independent intellectual property rights for its products and are fully contributing itself to achieving the common goal of "green mountain, clean water and blue sky" of china and worldwide.

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